This range of treated ground calcium carbonates promotes breathability in plastic films for roofing and sanitation products.
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If you need increased breathability in plastic films, for applications such as diapers, feminine hygiene products or roofing films and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), talk to us about FilmLink. It’s an engineered treated ground calcium carbonate that’s been designed specifically to promote breathability in breathable film membranes used for hygiene products and roofing films.

Used as a functional additive, FilmLink’s defined particle size distribution contributes to uniform pore creation leading to a high moisture vapour transmission rate. The controlled surface treatment and tight residue control of FilmLink reduce the volatile effect and minimize surface tension between the polymer and the additive.

FilmLink also acts as a dispersing and thixotropic agent in breathable polyolefins, improving mechanical, rheological, optical and dispersion properties.

With these improved mechanical properties, you’re able to downgauge films by up to 10g/m2 and still achieve a lower liquid breakthrough.

FilmLink® promotes pore creation in breathable films

FilmLink is available in two solutions, FilmLink® 400 for high moisture vapour transmission rate films and FilmLink® 520 for excellent dispersion in the polymer.

FilmLink® infographic
FilmLink® infographic

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