Investment casting

We produce high purity, dedusted mineral products with exacting size controls for uses in slurries and sanding operations, designed to meet the high temperature applications necessary for investment casting for a wide range of high precision industries.

Investment casting

Assured performance through stability & consistency

Investment casting is an industrial casting process based on ceramics molds. Investment casting owes its name to the application (investment) of a refractory ceramic coating to an expendable pattern. The history of this casting process can be traced back to approximately 4000 BC.

When it comes to producing high value, high precision and high-performance industrial components, investment casting provides dimensional accuracy, surface smoothness, shape details and a reduced need for post-casting processing. Our well-established range of brands and specific product grades meet virtually all requirements of the investment casting process. They are able to cope with the pouring temperatures of the applications without failing or causing surface defects within the final casting. The reputable chemical and physical consistency, very low dust levels, usage performance characteristics and wide material variety of our products ensure a consistency that can be relied on over and over again. The ceramic nature of the mold in investment casting is crucial to the process and lends itself to a variety of casting applications and an even wider selection of alloys.

We are the recognized leader in quality and historical supplier for many leading automotive, aerospace, industrial gas turbine, medical and many other industrial manufacturing sectors. Our in-house experts work to match our customers' exacting needs with the right application and brands from our extensive range.

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