Advanced ceramics

We are a world-leading supplier of engineered materials for advanced ceramics, ready to press powders and bodies as well as kiln furniture for ceramic producers, the only company to provide such a full package.

Advanced Ceramics

Advancing a broad range of industries through sustainable ceramics

Our advanced ceramics are powders made through a series of specialized manufacturing processes to achieve specific sintered, electrical, thermal, insulational, permeable, magnetic, mechanical or even optical properties for an equally specific set of applications. These range from electrical fittings and thermal appliances to parts for the automotive, aerospace and medical industries. Advanced ceramics are at the forefront of many innovations and high tech applications, most recently for electric vehicles.   

We are a world-leading supplier of premium materials for ceramics, ready to press bodies, powders and glazes as well as kiln furniture for ceramic producers, the only company to provide such a full package. Our engineered materials provide unrivaled quality in high-performance products based on zirconia, alumina, silica and other minerals.

Our bespoke offering also includes the formulation services from our dedicated laboratories, state-of-the-art technical support, and on-site production support for technical porcelains, steatites, cordierites, silicon carbides, mullite and alumina ceramics. We cover markets such as industry, mobility, energy, electronics with detailed expertise in application such as performance tools, sensors & energy converters, membranes & foam filters to thermal & electrical insulation and thermal spray coatings

We are dedicated to running a sustainable business that stands by Imerys group’s commitment to environmental solutions by supporting the growth of industries and sectors that will define the next generation of recyclability, green mobility and energy. In doing so, we provide consistency of supply, matching the lifecycle of our clients’ products, our coverage and ability making us a core partner for the world’s most ambitious ceramic producers.