Kiln furniture for advanced ceramics

We offer a versatile range of specialized and tailor-made kiln furniture for manufacturers of advanced ceramic products.
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Tough, durable kiln furniture for high-tech ceramics    

We design and produce kiln furniture solutions for a wide range of advanced ceramics manufacturing, including high-alumina, mullite-cordierite and silicon carbide products specifically focused on high-temperature applications.

Our kiln furniture solutions for advanced ceramics guarantee high temperature resistance, wear resistance, high mechanical resistance (strength, fracture) and corrosion resistance.

We’re able to produce a wide array of kiln furniture, including: box saggars; lids and ring saggars; setters; batts and beams / props; tubes and tailor-made pieces.

For full product information and specs, download a technical datasheet or a brochure at our secure download center, or get in touch to talk to our kiln furniture specialists.

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