Whether fine-tuning the lining of a kiln, extending the lifespan of a laminate floor, or improving the efficiency of a motor engine, we understand the importance of efficient industrial equipment, and delivering highly developed end-products, from cosmetics and plastics to ceramics and paints. Across all our products, we are continuously working to drive durability, efficiency, resistance and sustainability in everything we do.

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Whether you are looking to polish, sand, smoothen, grind, or even cut a workpiece, you want to be sure that the material used, its hardness and grain size are right for the job at hand. We are the world leader in fused minerals for abrasives, ready to assist and deliver on all your finishing needs.

Adhesives, caulks & sealants

Adhesives, caulks & sealants

We offer specialty additives made from minerals that can help you produce better products at lower costs.

Advanced Ceramics

Advanced ceramics

We are a world-leading supplier of engineered materials for advanced ceramics, ready to press powders and bodies as well as kiln furniture for ceramic producers, the only company to provide such a full package.

Animal Care

Animal care

Our minerals play a key role in a range of animal care applications, from technological feed additives in premixes to anti-caking agents, mycotoxin binders and bedding conditioners, promote healthy living conditions for farm animals.


Batteries & fuel cells

We are the world leader in specialized graphite and carbon solutions for the production of batteries and fuel cells. Our high-tech carbon solutions meet the requirements of our customers in the lithium-ion battery, alkaline battery, advanced lead acid batteries and fuel cells.

Paper and board

Board, paper, packaging & pulp

We are the world leader in mineral-based, high-quality, natural solutions which allow every step of the pulp, paper, paperboard and printing process to be optimized.

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Building materials

Discover our range of world-class solutions designed to meet the key requirements in terms of product performance and aesthetics, sustainable construction, ease of use and productivity across a variety of applications in the construction industry.

Ceramic sinks


Our unique ball clays, extra white or fluid kaolins, halloysites, chamottes, feldspars, quartz, talcs and wollastonites are solutions of choice for bodies, frits, glazes and engobes for sanitaryware, tableware and tiles.

Gear wheels

Component manufacturing

Graphite powders play an important role in many modern component manufacturing techniques and applications from powder metallurgy and hard metal manufacturing to carbon brushes and foils.

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Cosmetics & personal care

Our cosmetics & personal care product range provides excellent attributes and properties to meet your range of skincare needs.

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Crop production

Our minerals are widely used in the crop production and horticulture industries, where they act as fertilizers, insecticides and processing aids to boost yield.

Energy and environment

Energy & environment

From safety improvements to improved biofuel refining – minerals can serve the Energy & environment sector with a range of smart benefits.

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Food & beverage

We offer a wide range of mineral additives to deliver aesthetic and functional benefits for the food & beverage sector.

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Friction materials

Wherever friction performance is needed, you will likely find Imerys’ high quality friction materials providing a solution to your performance targets. Our broad range of products can be found in nearly every friction application from resin-bonded to sintered-metallic.

Health pharma & biotechnology

Health, pharma & biotechnology

We supply the healthcare, biotech and pharma markets with high-quality active ingredients and additives to provide a range of functional solutions.

Home care

Home care

From car polish to pool filters, we create mineral-based products to support a range of applications in the home care industry.

Infrastructure and utilities v.01

Infrastructure & utilities

When it comes to Infrastructure & utilities solutions, we take a project-based approach in order to best leverage our wide range of technical solutions with our unrivaled application expertise.

Investment casting

Investment casting

We produce high purity, dedusted mineral products with exacting size controls for uses in slurries and sanding operations, designed to meet the high temperature applications necessary for investment casting for a wide range of high precision industries.

Lubrication gears


Our graphite powder solutions are designed to be mixed with polymers, oils and greases, increasing the lubricity effect.

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Paints & coatings

Our experts harness the optical, mechanical and rheological properties of minerals to provide you with high-performance, multi-functional extenders and fillers for use in water-borne, solvent-borne and powder paints and coatings.


Pet care

We have one of the widest available ranges of cat litters, including clumping, non-clumping and organic solutions. All are available in bulk, in our branded packaging, or delivered as white label goods for our customers to brand and package.

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We have the widest portfolio of engineered talcs, kaolins, calcium carbonates, graphites, diatomites, carbon blacks, micas and wollastonites to deliver real results and savings for today’s plastics industry.


Refractory producers

We produce the broadest portfolio of materials used in the production of refractory products globally, setting the benchmark across alumina, aluminosilicates and specialty binders in terms of quality, reliability and service.

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We offer a vast portfolio of functional additives to enhance the properties of rubber and elastomer compounds.

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