Protecting the planet

We are committed to acting as responsible environmental stewards, working to preserve natural resources and to respect the ecosystems in which we operate.
Environment and biodiversity at Imerys

We are conscious of the impact our activity can have on the natural world and we are working to reduce it. For example, we are improving the way we monitor water in order to better manage this resource.

Laure Fontaine
Environment Vice President, Imerys

Objectives and progress

of our major consuming sites comply with new water reporting requirements at the end of 2023.
of our sites generating large mineral waste volume comply with new reporting requirements at the end of 2023.
of our biodiversity sensitive sites were audited at the end of 2023.

Environment related news

Quarry of Savins in March 2021 and June 2022
Local news

Land restoration project creates habitats for flora and fauna at closed quarry site in Provins, France

Imerys has rehabilitated its Savins quarry around the town of Provins in France, and located in a prominent farming area. The project has created an area rich in biodiversity. Particularly, the body of water has, among other successes, allowed the colonization of dozens of species of flora and fauna.

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Lake in Murat
Corporate news

Rehabilitation of a site in Cantal: a strong comeback of biodiversity

After decades of operation the Foufouilloux Nord site has been in the hands of nature and its biodiversity since 2014.

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Men signing the contract
Corporate news

Long-term partnerships strengthen Imerys’ biodiversity plans

Imerys formally continues two key relationships that support its role in biodiversity preservation.

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Water filtration with Imerpure
Product story

Improving access to safe water

Mineral-based filters are removing bacteria and other contaminants from drinking water in the developing world.

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