Refractory producers

We produce the broadest portfolio of materials used in the production of refractory products globally, setting the benchmark across alumina, aluminosilicates and specialty binders in terms of quality, reliability and service.


Building your history. Securing your future.

As the world’s leading producer of specialty binders, andalusite, calcined alumiosilicate and our range of fused products including fused alumina, tabular alumina and fused zirconia, our brands have been a mainstay of the refractory industry, supporting global development. As our industry evolves, our mission is to become your sustainable supplier of choice as you face the challenges of the refractory world.

We are proud to offer the widest portfolio of products with our facilities, often the pioneers in developing new processes that we now consider a global norm for materials. From the first production of SECAR® calcium aluminate specialty binders and the first production of ALODUR® electrofused alumina products, both over 100 years ago, to the first developers of the DAMREC Andalusite minerals and MULCOA® calcined mullites that have gone on to form the backbone of the modernisation of the North American and European refractory industries. The consistency and quality of these products have enabled the development of high performance monolithic and state-of-the-art shaped product technologies that have driven safety and performance across the iron & steel, aluminum, glass, cement & power industries.

We see ourselves as an enabler of our clients to achieve their own aspirations and targets. With many industries such as steel, cement and automotive all firmly announcing zero carbon goals, it is up to us to ensure that we, as their go-to raw material supplier, align with these goals, whether it be our innovations, internal processes, sites or operations. This includes further incorporating best practices such as using waste sources of virgin raw materials, improving recovery rates and improving energy efficiency and sources for our processes — ensuring these are part and parcel of our day to day operations.