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Imerys’ Vizag plant: Sustaining a country on the move

As urbanization in India accelerates, so does the country’s construction sector and demand for locally-produced, sustainable construction practices suited to the subcontinent. Inaugurated one year ago, Imerys’ state-of-the-art calcium aluminate plant in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, in India’s southeastern coastal region, produces new products that answer this precise need. It recently showcased its products and initiatives during a construction workshop for customers on October 16 in Mumbai. 

Imerys Vizag plant in India

India’s rising foundations

India is set to become the world’s third largest economy in the next ten years. It is estimated to average a 6.3 percent increase in GDP through 2030 and has an expanding urban population. Imerys is using this as a foundation for serving the local community and developing innovative solutions to local challenges and applications. 

With recent infrastructure investments throughout the country and the Indian Government's goal to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2070, there has been a surge in demand for more innovative building materials such as calcium aluminate. It should be adapted to local cost constraints and product-customization needs, as well as created from raw materials mostly sourced from India.

To date, this demand has been answered by importing products from Europe and China, a process that reduces product shelf life by up to three months, increases freight costs and duties, and places the local building sector at the whim of international trade and exchange rates. Imerys Vizag was founded to address these constraints, tapping into the local demand and leveraging local skillsets, knowledge and efficiencies.     

Built to serve the nation's growth

The latest addition to Imerys India’s 16 industrial sites and eight sales offices is Imerys Vizag. This plant applies the Group’s industry-leading technical and manufacturing standards to create products that meet the Indian refractory and construction industries’ specific needs. It is a major asset and the single largest site for Imerys’ refractory, abrasives and construction business, an important driver in its local and regional growth.

Bags of calcium aluminate products in Imerys Vizag plant in India

The Imerys Vizag plant supports India’s building market by leveraging Indian expertise for Indian customers and growth.

Since its inauguration one year ago, the Imerys Vizag plant has significantly helped the local customer base. Customers are benefitting from eased logistical issues, much shorter lead times, and the removal of import costs. This has made working with Imerys more accessible than ever before.

“Beyond the greater strategy, the Vizag plant allows us, as part of the Group as a whole, to leverage Indian expertise for Indian customers for Indian growth,” explains Segi Idicula, Director of Imerys Vizag. The team prides itself on offering its customers new, innovative sustainable building materials that are both personalized and environmentally friendly.

Beyond the greater strategy, the Vizag plant allows us, as part of the Group as a whole, to leverage Indian expertise for Indian customers for Indian growth.

Segi Idicula
Director of Imerys Vizag

Bringing the market together to learn about sustainable construction examples

“The importance of Vizag for Imerys’ activities in India and Asia cannot be overstated,” explains Jérôme De Lievre, Vice President of Building & Infrastructure at Imerys. “It is the launching pad for a whole strategy of growth, focused solely on India first and then regionally. It’s a great honor for me to be involved at such a critical chapter in Imerys’ story in the country.” 

On October 16, Jérôme De Lievre and Segi Idicula, along with many other Imerys experts, co-hosted a specialized workshop with the Construction Chemical Manufacturers Association (CCMA) of India, entitled “Towards Sustainable Construction”, at the Orchid Hotel in Mumbai. The event was designed to explore customers’ needs and define how and where Imerys India should develop new solutions matching these needs. The workshop included a new product launch, several technical presentations on products and applications, and plenty of networking opportunities for attendees. 

Imerys Vizag plant team

The team at Imerys Vizag offers its customers personalized, accessible construction solutions, including a new product being launched during the upcoming event with CCMA.

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