Powerate is a new range of multifunctional mineral solutions to improve the runnability of Board & Paper machines.
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High runnability minerals for efficient production

Discover the benefits of Powerate

Powerate helps manage costs and energy consumption

  • Adding Powerate increases solids after press (left)
  • This reduces the steam needed to dry liner (right)

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  • Steam consumption reduction leads to energy savings or production gains

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    Mmichael Pietsch

    We are the industry leader in multimineral solutions for improved paper and board. Our new Powerate and Opacicote ranges allow increased sustainability in all aspects of coating, filling and machine water treatment, with higher machine efficiency, reduced energy consumption and optimisation of expensive raw material costs.

    Michael Pietsch
    Sales Director Performance Minerals EMEA

    Engineered Solutions

    Engineered Solutions for Paper and Board

    Better runnability means longer runs, which means higher production rates and more efficient raw material usage. Imerys' Engineered Solutions for Paper and Board provide innovative process technology and issue resolution to help customers optimize their manufacturing processes and projects.

    Engineered Solutions for Paper and Board
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