Our Sewper range of calcium aluminates are your go-to solutions for protecting the concrete components of wastewater infrastructure from hydrogen sulfide biogenic corrosion.
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Super solutions to ward off biogenic corrosion 

Our Sewper calcium aluminate solutions naturally induce a bacterio-static effect preventing acid generation at the source, hence abrasion, allowing you to extend the service life of your infrastructure while significantly lowering your operating costs and the overall carbon footprint of your wastewater infrastructure.  

They include two product ranges: SewperCoat® and, the most recent addition to the family, Sewper® Liner.

SewperCoat is a custom-designed range of calcium aluminates which have been specifically designed for the long-lasting rehabilitation of existing wastewater systems. 


  • Is rock solid and highly durable
  • Is easy to implement on existing installations, including on irregular surfaces
  • Bonds well to wet surfaces enabling implementation while networks are still in use
  • Solidifies in just a few hours
  • Is an excellent alternative to organic resins, polymers, plastic sheets and fiberglass sleeves
  • Is harmless, therefore safe to implement for maintenance teams
  • Can be tailored to match specific application methods and site requirements

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Sewper Liner is our most recent calcium aluminate development.
Based on the same technology as our SewperCoat solution, Sewper Liner has been optimized to provide exceptional H2S corrosion resistance and durability on brand new concrete wastewater infrastructure. 

Sewper Liner:

  • Is suitable for new concrete installations presenting a dry, smooth surface
  • Can be applied in very thin coats, making it ideal for large surfaces
  • Is quick and easy to apply
  • Is harmless to construction teams
  • Provides long-lasting protection
  • Can be used to replace less durable, spray-on polymer lining solutions
  • Is a highly cost-effective solution

More about Sewper Liner


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Sewper Liner
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SewperCoat and Sewper Liner are Pioneer Products

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Both SewperCoat and Sewper Liner reduce the environmental and impact of wastewater infrastructures throughout their life cycle compared to epoxy resin coatings, making them highly sustainable solutions. As such, they are Imerys Pioneer products, indicating a solution which represents the highest social and environmental contribution to the downstream value chain, while demonstrating a low environmental impact in its production phase, compared to its economic value.

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