The ultimate barrier to H2S biogenic corrosion in the municipal sewer environment


Trusted and proven: SewperCoat

Easy to use and extremely durable, SewperCoat has been the go-to 100% calcium aluminate mortar solution for protecting or rehabilitating wastewater infrastructure from H2S biogenic corrosion for over 30 years. It provides a unique, proven, and efficient repair strategy that induces a "bacterio-static effect" which inhibits acid generation at the source. 

Acidophilic bacteria activity is a serious problem for asset owners when the right conditions exist in a sewer system, capable of corroding and destroying up to 25 mm of concrete per year. While acid resistant materials such as organic resin, polymer, plastic sheets or fiberglass inserts can withstand low pH, the acidophilic bacteria continue to breed and develop on these surfaces, making their way through any flaws. Polymer materials are hard and costly to use as dry surfaces are required for proper bonding to occur. They also raise health and safety issues regarding working with solvents in confined spaces.

SewperCoat, in contrast, bonds very well to moist surfaces, does not induce pin holes and provides rock solid structural rehabilitation within a few hours. The available custom range of SewperCoat products offers specific adapted solutions to various application methods and job site constraints. SewperCoat is available worldwide, from our different plants, with available grades depending on geographical location.

Shema Corrosion H2O

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