Crop production

Our minerals are widely used in the crop production and horticulture industries, where they act as fertilizers, insecticides and processing aids to boost yield.

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Minerals to make your crops thrive

We offer a broad range of natural mineral products for agriculture and horticulture, based on our extensive portfolio of minerals, including diatomaceous earth, kaolin, moler, perlite, calcium carbonate, synthetic calcium silicate, talc, zeolite and wollastonite.

In crop protection, we offer a mechanical insecticide, inert carriers for pesticide formulations and plant-available silicon supplements providing silicon to crops to help increase productivity in deficient soil. Our minerals can also act as eco-friendly alternatives to chemicals for the UV protection of fruit crops. 

Used in fertilizers, they are suitable fillers and coating agents, preventing caking and improving fertilizer flow. In olive oil production our talcs are extremely efficient extraction processing aids for increasing olive oil yield.

Our minerals are widely used to pelletise, coat and enhance agricultural seeds. Used in soil amendment, they provide enhancements and pH control – benefiting the overall growth and health of plants – and in horticulture, our minerals improve growing media aeration and boost plant growth.

*Talc products are not available in the USA and Canada. Contact us for an alternative range.