Invelop is a natural talc-based solution for protecting fruit and vegetable crops from environmental stressors such as sunburn, heat, pests and disease.
Apples on the tree

A 100% natural mineral solution for sunburn protection

UV radiation and heat stress can be responsible for the loss of up to 40% of a typical crop of apples, grapes, pears, olives or plums. Invelop is a naturally occurring, stable, and chemically inert talc product which allows you to protect your fruit and vegetable crops from sunburn and heat stress. 

Once dispersed in a suspension and sprayed onto fruits and leaves, the naturally lamellar structure of Invelop’s particles forms a uniform film which coats and protects crops without interfering with the photosynthesis process. This dry white film acts as a natural barrier which reflects UV radiation, as well as protecting against damaging environmental factors such as heat stress, fungi and pests. It is an excellent alternative to chemical sunburn protection solutions, and certified in Europe for organic fruit and vegetable production.

Invelop trials
Invelop forms a barrier against environmental stressors
Invelop sunburn test
Invelop provides best sunburn protection compared to other minerals and untreated fruit
Invelop temperature test
Invelop provides best heat protection compared to other minerals

Invelop provides best sunburn and heat protection compared to other minerals

Imerys trials have confirmed that Invelop offers the best performance for sunburn protection compared to other minerals, providing the highest temperature difference between treated and non-treated fruits. Invelop has the added advantage of being non-abrasive, protecting both plants and spraying and washing equipment.

Invelop can be applied at any time before harvesting 

Invelop should be used preventively and can be sprayed on fruits at any time during the growing season. We recommend spraying before sunburn and heat waves are most likely to occur, then at 7-14 day intervals. Spraying intervals can be extended to 14-21 days as new growth slows. 

Invelop is an environmentally friendly solution which disperses very easily in water due to its specific production process, and isn't prone to sedimenting or clogging spraying equipment. It can be easily washed off after harvesting.

Invelop is ideal for the sunburn protection of:

  • pome fruits
  • stone fruits
  • citrus fruits
  • grapes
  • avocados


Key benefits

  • 100% natural
  • Suitable for organic farming
  • Up to 60% improvement in sunburn pack-out rate
  • Reduces heat stress by 2.5°C, improving tolerance to climate change stress
  • Protects against fungal and pest attacks
  • Prevents black spot and apple scab
  • Lipophilic affinity ensures stability on plant surfaces
  • Non abrasive - protecting spray and wash-off equipment against wear
  • Disperses easily in water thanks to its specific production process
  • Easy to mix and spray
  • Provides excellent coverage
  • Easily washed off after harvesting


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