Fertilizer processing additives

Our minerals make excellent coating agents, preventing caking and dust in fertilizers.
Fertilizer additives

Powerful anti-caking solutions and fillers for fertilizers

Our range of talcs and clays make excellent anticaking agents and inert fillers for fertilizers.

Anticaking agents

Nitrogen-phosphate (NPK) fertilizers, as well as other complex fertilizers, have a natural tendency to cake. Caking can occur during both storage (in bulk or in bags) and in transportation. Our talcs and clays make excellent anticaking agents, suitable for both prilled ammonium nitrate and granular fertilizers.

Imerys minerals

  • Prevent fertilizer caking
  • Reduce water pick-up
  • Prevent the formation of hydrate crystal bridges
  • Prevent fertilizer deterioration and dust


Our clays are also excellent fillers for calcium ammonium nitrate fertilizers. Our recommended grades for this application are:

Technical support

Addition rates of mineral and mineral oil depend on the fertilizer’s residual humidity, storage temperature, plasticity and particle size distribution. Our agricultural specialists have developed specific laboratory methods to determine the best coating solution for each type of fertilizer, so please get in touch with our teams to discuss the optimum mineral and mineral oil dosage rates to add to your fertilizer.