ImerFert is a range of natural mineral nutrient donors, binders and soil improvers designed to boost plant quality and health and production yields.
Horticultural plants

ImerFert Z european zeolites are premium-quality, natural clinoptilolite zeolites produced at our Beli Plast operation in southern Bulgaria from ore containing over 85% clinoptilolite.

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In Europe, we offer 3 silicon-donor products, each designed for a specific application:

  • ImerFert WSi L11: a micronized grade specifically designed for liquid biostimulant and specialty fertilizer suspensions
  • ImerFert WSi F05: the ideal bulk density for all solid fertilizer formulations
  • ImerFert WSi G87: appropriate sized particles which can be easily added to growing substrate blends 

Si extraction rates for various minerals
As shown below, wollastonite, which is a calcium silicate, offers the most available form of Si among natural minerals.
It  also provides a slow release source of calcium. Si was extracted using the CaCI2 method and determined by ICP.

Graph showing Si extraction percentages

Contact our EMEA teams for more information about our European grades. 

    ImerFert DSi diatomite-based biostimulant

    • Designed for incorporation into fertilizer compositions or direct application to crops via fertigation or foliar application tank-mixed with other plant protection products.
    • 92% SiO2, water dispersible powder

    ImerFert WSi wollastonite-based biostimulant

    • Designed for incorporation into composts, soil amendments or fertilizer compositions.
    • Highest plant available silicon level per kilo added

    ImerFert crop dosage graphs

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    Zeolite SEM
    ImerFert Z’s honeycomb structure retains nutrients and water releasing them slowly into the soil.
    Olive branch
    ImerFert DSi diatomaceous earth bioavailable silicon improves crop yield.
    Strawberry crop
    Imerys wollastonite-based Plant Available Silicons (PAS) can prolong the shelf life of strawberries by several days.

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