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We mine and process minerals around the world for a highly diverse range of consumer and healthcare goods, from toothpaste and cosmetics – and the packaging that it all comes in.

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Mineral solutions for almost every industry  

Our natural minerals are used across the world in the healthcare industry, in agriculture, in consumer goods, in consumer packaging and in the food and beverage sector.


The health & personal care sectors are increasingly seeking natural ingredients that have a lower environmental footprint and are sustainably sourced.

At Imerys, we draw on our own world-class ore bodies spread across the globe to offer our customers an extensive range of controlled, consistently high-quality, natural mineral ingredients.

We harness our mineral expertise to help tackle some of the world’s major health issues. Our ImerPure® low-cost home water filter system aids the fight against cholera and other water-borne diseases in countries like India and Haiti.

For personal care, our Science & Technology teams carefully engineer minerals to boost our customers’ formulations and – in the case of cosmetics – offer them effective natural mineral alternatives to synthetic ingredients. For instance, our innovative ImerCare® range includes perlite to replace plastic microbeads in body scrubs and shampoos; ultra-absorbent diatomite for aluminum-free deodorants; and kaolin to replace copolymer opacifiers and PMMA matting agents in creams, gels and shampoos.

Consumer goods

We are a global leader in the supply of minerals for rigid and flexible packaging. Our minerals are used across a wide range of products, from containerboard to plastic bags, barrier coatings, sheets and films.

Minerals such as kaolins and calcium carbonates can be used to boost finished product quality, to increase production efficiencies and to help reduce costs. Our minerals also improve resin and fiber extension and the optical and mechanical properties of film and rigid packaging.

With e-commerce and changing consumer habits creating increased demand for safe and convenient packaging, we are committed to supporting our customers in developing the right  packaging solutions. At the same time, we understand the need to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the end product, increase biopolymer compatibility, develop plastic-free barrier coating grades, and improve recyclability, biodegradability and compostability.

Through our global presence and regional network of world-class research facilities, we work with customers to develop tailored solutions for their business needs wherever they are based.

CynerSorb: removal of contaminants in edible oils


We’re always looking for ways to improve the safety and quality of consumer goods, so we’ve engineered a highly permeable, diatomite-based adsorbent for the purification needs of the edible oil industry. 

The physical structure of a CynerSorb® molecule means contaminants attach to it like a magnet, resulting in a high degree of adsorption without compromising flow rate, which in turn enables longer filtration cycles. 

Its superior combined adsorption and filtration functionalities have allowed customers to reduce the amount of adsorbents previously used by up to 50%.


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