Whether you’re looking for economical extenders, highly functional surface-treated additives or anti blocking, we have the minerals to optimize your packaging and agricultural films.
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For versatile, high-performance films          

Our minerals can improve performance in five areas: antiblocking, reinforcement infrared properties, density reduction (by cavitation) and reducing level of film defects. 

To help prevent blocking, when films get stuck together during production, you can treat your plastics with calcined diatomaceous earth, calcined kaolin, or talc, where available*. These all offer a variety of optical particle size distribution properties, anti-blocking performance and cost considerations, while giving you improved mechanical properties, low haze and low oil absorption.

When it comes to improving film performance, calcium carbonates are excellent mineral solutions for producing lightweight packaging film with optimum mechanical properties, while increasing production output and reducing formulation costs. They are ideal for thin film (label stock) and thicker or laminated films for packaging applications. 

For improved infrared barriers, calcined kaolins can be used for greenhouse applications, where they increase temperatures by retaining infrared radiation, optimizing light transmission and scattering, and enhance barrier properties while improving tensile strength.

Our Ultrafine Calcium Carbonate acts as a cavitation agent and minimizes the number of stress concentrators within the film and maximizes its mechanical performance, while still offering density reduction and the required optical and surface properties.

For all these applications and more, talk to our product experts about which range is right for your business. 

*Talc products are not available in the USA and Canada. Contact us for an alternative range.