An advanced antiblocking additive for polyethylene films, made from microlamellar talc ore.

Superior blocking and mechanical properties without the haze

If you’re producing polyethylene films, you’ll know the headaches caused by blocking – when thin sheets of film stick together, ruining the product. InFilm™ talc is based on a unique microlamellar talc ore which provides improved overall film properties compared to minerals traditionally used for PE film antiblocking. Its high-surface area, block-shaped particles improve film clarity and haze while delivering excellent antiblocking and coefficient of friction properties. 

It’s also good at generating improved mechanical and impact strength while raising dart drop strength and puncture resistance. Offering a great overall cost-to-performance ratio, microlamellar InFilm talc is suitable for use in one-pack powder blending as well as master-batch production, and it’s approved for food contact without limitation.

InFilm is available in a compacted form for easy handling, less dust and improved productivity. Talk to our plastic film experts today about how it can improve the quality of your product.

Micro-lamellar talc
Micro-lamellar talc
Conventional lamellar talc
Conventional lamellar talc

InFilm’s micro-lamellar morphology:

  • Provides optimized clarity and haze
  • Lowers blocking force and COF
  • Improves dart drop strength and puncture resistance

InFilm is:

  • Suitable for use in one-pack powder blending as well as masterbatch production
  • Approved for food contact without limitation
  • The least abrasive mineral on production equipment
  • Suitable for biopolymer film production

*Talc products are not available in the USA and Canada. Contact us for an alternative range.

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