A smart range of engineered calcium carbonate that adds functionality, cuts costs and improves ecological credentials for nonwoven fabrics.
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Softer, greener nonwovens that perform better

Our calcium carbonate FiberLink® product is the latest development in nonwoven and mineral technology. It’s been specifically engineered to enhance appearance, softness, absorbency and reduce the amount of resin you need to use.

Added to your mix at weights of up to 40%, it can substantially reduce costs and lower environmental impact.

FiberLink improves opacity, giving the nonwoven sheet a better cosmetic appearance. In nonwoven filtration applications, it improves filtration efficiency in terms of dirt-holding capacity and increases the capture of fine particles.

FiberLink will improve the texture and feel of mineral polymer composites making them softer and more suitable for certain applications, such as wipes. Absorption capacity of the sheet is also improved compared to virgin polymer materials.

Above all, FiberLink® helps you save on raw material and process costs, reducing the carbon footprint and environmental impact of the final product while maintaining – or improving – the key properties of your products. Ideal for meltblown, spunbond and spunlace textiles, FiberLink is an easy addition to improve the form and function of nonwovens and fiber.

In summary, FiberLink is suitable for:

  • Meltblown
  • Spunbound
  • Spunlace
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