Nonwovens & fiber

A smart line of engineered calcium carbonate products to add functionality and cut costs for nonwovens and fiber.
Nonwovens & fiber

Softer, stronger woven plastics

If you’re producing medical products such as surgical gowns and masks, geo-textiles and filters, our engineered calcium carbonate can give you increased softness, opacity, strength and filtration efficiency. 

Our calcium carbonate FiberLink® product has been specifically engineered for nonwovens and fiber. 

Among other benefits, FiberLink will lower bonding temperatures, improve opacity and delusterisation, increase the softness of the finished product and bolster its strength. 

Nonwovens and fiber products that use FiberLink also demonstrate better filtration performance, higher permeability and good water repellency, while being easy to print upon and helping to lower costs. 

Ideal for meltblown, spunbond and spunlace textiles, FiberLink is an easy addition to improve the form and function of nonwovens and fiber.