We offer high-quality swimming pool filter aids made from diatomaceous earth for simple, effective and efficient filtration.

Crystal-clear waters with Aqua-Cel

Aqua-Cel is a high-quality, diatomaceous earth filter media, specifically designed for use in swimming pools. It provides excellent clarity to the water in swimming pools by filtering out particles down to three microns in diameter. 

Aqua-Cel diatomaceous earth filter media is made up of the skeletal remains of tiny aquatic microorganisms called diatoms. The remains of these diatoms form deposits of diatomaceous earth that are then mined, crushed and dried to powder form, then calcined by heating to temperatures in excess of 1000°C.

Aqua-Cel improves the filter operation, pre-coating fast and effectively, improving the efficiency of the filter. By removing particles from the water down to three microns in diameter, it provides optimum clarity while filtering out the most potentially harmful bacteria.

Aqua-Cel can be used in sand filters to enhance clarity and it’s available in the form of a simple water-soluble pouch that can be dropped directly into the skimmer without having to worry about dust.

Key benefits

Improves filter operation - pre-coats fast and effectively, improving filter efficiency
Provides optimum clarity - removes particles down to 3 microns
Makes water safer - filters out the most potentially harmful bacteria
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