CynerSorb® for food & beverage

Our CynerSorb range is a two-in-one replacement additive that delivers absorption and filtration functions in edible oil refining.
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Less waste and efficient filtration for edible oils 

Our CynerSorb range is a surface-engineered diatomite adsorbent designed to replace silica gels and magnesium silicates in edible oil refining, simplifying the process and reducing spent filter cake and oil loss.

CynerSorb® diatomite

  • Increases filtration capacity
  • Reduces oil losses
  • Reduces bleaching earth dosing rates
  • Lowers refining costs
  • Reduces spent filter cake

Two-in-one solution

Edible oils often contain soaps or phospholipids, glycerol and trace metals that need to be removed as part of the refining process. Typically this is done during a filtration stage via the addition of a synthetic amorphous silica gel or a magnesium silicate.

Silica gels and magnesium silicates have excellent adsorption characteristics but are very poor filter aids causing premature filter blockage and reduced refining capacity. Often, a diatomite filter aid is added to compensate for this and to keep the filter bed “open”. While this achieves the required increase in filtration capacity, it also adds process complexity and results in additional spent filter cake – and associated oil loss.

Our CynerSorb range uses a diatomite filter aid base, meaning it has all the filtration characteristics of a diatomite. However, our engineers have successfully surface-engineered the individual diatomite particles so they also provide the necessary adsorption functionality.

As a result, CynerSorb diatomite can be used as a two-in-one solution, fulfilling both the adsorption and filtration functions.

Improved bleaching earth performance

CynerSorb diatomite can also be used to eliminate bleaching earth where no color removal is required, or to significantly reduce dosing rates where some bleaching is necessary.

Working with partners in the edible oil industry, we have demonstrated that CynerSorb diatomite makes bleaching earths more effective at removing color pigments, resulting in lower bleaching earth dosing rates. Apart from increasing refining capacity, this translates into less spent filter cake and therefore lower oil losses.

Comparison of CynerSorb® and regular silica gel adsorbent
Comparison of CynerSorb® (right) and regular silica gel adsorbent (left) under a microscope shows the higher surface area and micro-porosity of CynerSorb®


A schema of how CynerSorb® for food & beverage works
How CynerSorb® for food & beverage works

Key benefits

  • Reduces oil losses
  • High soaps removal
  • Removes metals and polar contaminants
  • Reduces filter aid usage vs. conventional materials
  • Lengthens cycle times
  • Increases flow rates
  • Reduces spent filter cake disposal
  • Reduces chill haze formation in extra virgin olive oil

CynerSorb diatomite is available in a range of permeabilities. Talk to our food & beverage team to find the one that’s right for you.

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