Diatomite filter aids

We manufacture and supply more than 80 different diatomaceous earth grades, with permeabilities to meet virtually every filtration requirement in food and beverage applications.
Diatomite filter aids

Diatomaceous earth – the natural solution for filtration 

What is diatomaceous earth?

Diatomaceous earth (DE) – is a remarkable natural product composed of the fossilized remains of aquatic algae, or diatoms, that were deposited on lake beds and the ocean floor, millions of years ago. With time, the diatom skeletons became agglomerated to form a light and porous rock referred to as diatomite or kieselgühr. These remains are virtually pure silica, an inert and insoluble mineral. 

Each diatom has an elaborate skeleton permeated by many small holes. It is this structure that holds the key to its unsurpassed properties for removing a wide variety of suspended solids when used as a filter aid. The efficiency of DE is particularly noticeable when filtering liquids that contain very fine hazes or when needing a high clarity filtrate, for example during pre-bottling final filtration for juices and beers.

A wide range of products to match different filtration capabilities

We offer a wide range of different DE filter aids to cover the full spectrum of filtration capabilities.

  • Imerys Celite DE filter aids provide superior filtration performance in beer, juices, sugar syrups and edible oils and many other industrial and chemical applications. Multiple grades ensure optimal filtration performance and the flexibility required when filtering natural raw materials where quality can vary with harvest. Our Celite brewing grades have a lower level of beer soluble iron (BSI) compared to standard DE grades.
  • Our Celite 545VO grade is a high permeability diatomite that has been specifically designed for edible oil refining. Celite 545VO grades increase the time interval between manual removal and cleaning of filter plates. The particle size of Celite 545VO grades has been carefully selected to minimize the fine fraction of the diatomite which typically causes blockage of the filter mesh.
  • Celite Cynergy grades are the benchmark when it comes to beer filtration and stabilization. Celite Cynergy grades are beer protein stabilizers, engineered with optimal filtration characteristics allowing longer filter runs and lower dosing rates, while still ensuring full shelf-life stability of the filtered beer.
  • Celite Fibra-Cel grades are cellulose-based products ideal for rapid pre-coating in beer and wine filtration, especially when old or damaged screens are being used. Celite Fibra-Cel grades offer a stable cake formation and can protect the filter cake against unwanted pressure shocks. It aids filter cake release during filter wash offs.
  • Our acid-washed Celite LS (low soluble) DE grades are good options for juice filtration where ultra-low metals are key specifications. Celite LS grades filter juices without compromising clarity, time-to-clarity and flow rate while complying with FDA limits and industry needs for low arsenic levels in juices.

All our filtration products are FCC approved. Imerys meets all regulatory requirements, for further information please contact our team.

Key benefits

  • Multiple grades to ensure the correct grade for each specific application
  • Multi-sourcing, so similar grades available from different production sites
  • High microporosity - excellent at removing fine particulate material
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