Wine filtration

Check out our innovative solutions for wine producers, including optimized filtration, lower dosing rates, less waste and increased capacity.
Application wine filtration

Effective filters for increased winemaking productivity

We have been supplying filter aids to the winemaking industry for more than 50 years. We’ve been working on filtration solutions since large-scale filtration became common practice in commercial winemaking. 

Today, we are the leading manufacturer of perlite and Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filter aids for beverage filtration, with nearly a century of production experience and applications knowledge.


As part of our commitment to delivering filtration innovation to the winemaking industry, we have spent a long time talking to oenologists, wine producers, filtration service providers and oenological product suppliers to identify their main concerns regarding filter aid filtration.

Application-specific benefits

Our experience and consultations with winemakers have led us to develop filtration aids that offer:

  • Increased capacity requirements – with the ability to filter more juice or wine during each filtration.
  • Reduction in powder dosing – more efficient filters means more solids captured at lower dosing rates.
  • Less juice/wine losses in the spent filter cake – leading to increased yields.
  • Less spent filter cake – lower powder dosing rates and less juice/wine losses mean less spent filter cake to be disposed of at the end of filtration.