ImerVin™ Efficace

ImerVin Efficace perlite is our engineered range designed specifically to replace diatomaceous earth on rotary vacuum filters for musts and lees, offering cost savings and improved performance over diatomaceous earth.
Wine filtration

Cost-saving filtration additives for wine must

ImerVin Efficace perlite is an engineered mineral range designed specifically to replace diatomaceous earth on rotary vacuum filters for musts and lees, especially those associated with the hard-to-filter thermo-vinified juices. Using ImerVin Efficace perlite allows winemakers to: 

  • Increase filtration capacity
  • Reduce powder usage
  • Reduce spent filter cake
  • Reduce juice/wine loss

Imerys first began supplying filter aids to the winemaking industry more than 50 years ago when large-scale filtration became common practice in commercial winemaking. In recent years, there has been very little innovation for filter aid filtration for wine and juice, so we collaborated with oenologists and the French Institut Coopératif du Vin (ICV) to develop a filter aid specifically designed for the optimized filtration of wine musts on rotary drum filters.

Improved performance over diatomaceous earth (DE)

Our ImerVin Efficace range was designed to combine the properties delivered by diatomaceous earth and perlite filter aids. We achieved this by carefully selecting the perlite ore raw material, and by making careful adjustments to the production process. The result is a filter aid with permeability, wet density and particle size distribution proven to give improved filtration performance, compared to diatomaceous earth.

Proven performance in independent ICV trials

Independent trials were performed by the ICV, comparing the ImerVin Efficace range to two other main filter aids used in wine filtration.

ImerVin™ Efficace trial results vs. two principal competitor grades
ImerVin™ Efficace trial results vs. two principal competitor grades

Results concluded that our ImerVin Efficace range allows wine producers to:

  • Increase the amount of juice filtered during each filtration cycle
  • Reduce filtration powder dosing, due to the enhanced effectiveness of the filter aid in “trapping” must solids
  • Reduce juice loss in the spent filter cake, leading to increased juice being fermented
  • Lower amounts of spent filter cake since lower powder dosing rates and less juice losses means less spent filter cake to be disposed of after filtration 

Cost-effective solution

The ImerVin Efficace range has been designed to reduce total filtration costs. Compared to current filtration costs (€/hl of juice/wine filtered), the ImerVin Efficace system generates cost savings of 10-15%. This is based on the lower dosing rates (up to 50% lower) required to achieve the same pre-coat size as diatomaceous earth.

Classified under the Oenological Codex

Our ImerVin Efficace range is classified as perlite under the Oenological Codex, and therefore complies with the quality standards stated in this codex.


The ImerVin Efficace range can be used in exactly the same way as a diatomaceous earth filter aid. However, it is important to reduce the amount used by 35-50% to obtain the full benefits.

For more information about how best to use our ImerVin filter aid in your particular process, please contact us.

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