Celite Cynergy®

Get longer filter run lengths, reduced waste and less filter cleaning by replacing diatomaceous earth and silica gel with Celite Cynergy.
Celite Cynergy

Improve your filter performance with Celite Cynergy

Celite Cynergy is a beer-stabilizing diatomite adsorbent that filters like diatomaceous earth (kieselguhr) and cold stabilizes like silica gel. But Celite Cynergy performs better than conventional diatomaceous earth and silica gel. When using Celite Cynergy, powder-dosing rates can be reduced, resulting in longer filter run lengths, reduced waste, less filter cleaning and less filter wash-offs, thus improving water footprint.

Clarity & stability

Consumer habits and production trends place increasing demands on shelf life to preserve flavor, clarity, color, foam and aroma. To produce sparkling, clear beer with a long shelf life requires extra steps beyond filtration. Celite Cynergy beer stabilizing diatomite is the only solution that provides both while increasing filtration capacity by up to 50%.

Using Celite Cynergy enables brewers to eliminate silica gel, removing a whole step in the process and extending filtration run lengths.

Advantages of using Celite Cynergy

  • No need to add silica gel
  • Potential to reduce soluble iron in beer (BSI)
  • Reduction in spent filter cake
  • Simplified stabilization and filtration process

  • Selective adsorption of chill-haze proteins yields longer shelf life for beer without affecting sensory properties like flavor, foam, color, or aroma
  • Works instantly – unlike silica gels where an extended contact time is required

  • Reduces filter cake volume leading to longer filter runs between filter cleaning
  • Provides improved filtration performance as measured by filter run length and powder dosing rates in comparison to using silica gel and diatomaceous earth separately
  • Allows significant process simplification, eliminating the need for dedicated silica gel mix tank and agitator, injection pump, metering equipment, silica gel buffer tank and associated process piping

  • Easy to implement at the brewery utilizing existing diatomaceous earth filtration processing schemes, equipment and storage
  • Compatible with existing diatomite delivery and filtration systems so no need to purchase new equipment
  • Easy-to-optimize process requires no modifications to existing equipment

  • Cellaring operations are simplified, reducing expenses
  • Saves time and materials due to longer filtration runs between filter cleaning
  • Reduces filter aid and stabilizer powder by 20-50%, leading to faster filtration and greater filtration capabilities
  • Reduced raw material usage resulting in less waste, reduced beer losses and reduced carbon and water footprint costs

  • As a diatomite product, it meets the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements of GRAS1 for use in beer filtration
  • A Food Chemical Codex (FCC) grade diatomite product

All our filtration products are FCC approved. Imerys meets all regulatory requirements, for further information please contact our team.


Celite Cynergy is a beer stabilizing diatomite (kieselguhr) product. It filters like diatomaceous earth and cold stabilizes like silica gel. Celite Cynergy replaces both conventional diatomite and silica gel. It can reduce total processing aids (silica gel plus diatomaceous earth) by as much as 50%.

The physical properties of Celite Cynergy are similar to diatomite (kieselguhr). Celite Cynergy runs on existing diatomaceous earth filtration systems so there is no need for capital equipment purchases. Celite Cynergy application rates can be estimated by using your current xerogel or hydrogel usage. Also, your current filter aid usage can be significantly reduced.

As a diatomite product, Celite Cynergy meets the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements of Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) for use in beer filtration. It is a Food Chemical Codex (FCC) grade diatomite product. Celite Cynergy diatomite does not introduce any new materials and is approved for beer processing by both the FDA and the US Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB).

Celite Cynergy increases your filtration capacity because it reduces total processing aid volume by up to 50%.

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