Argical™ Pro

Our Argical Pro range of mineral bioinsecticides offer a natural and reliable insect pest control for olive groves, orchards and vines.

A natural mineral deterrent for insects and sunburn

Made out of 99% high-temperature calcined, natural white kaolin clay, Argical Pro, helps limit the occurrence of insect pests on your crops, as well as protecting them against sunburn. This is thanks to its crystalline structure, its high purity, its exceptional fineness and its great whiteness. With its physical mode of action against insect pests, Argical Pro is a mechanical insecticide that avoids any resistance issues in crop protection.

A natural and mechanical insecticide

As a biocontrol solution, Argical Pro has been certified for use in organic farming and NOP (National Organic Program), taking action as a powerful complimentary option for any integrated pest management program. Importantly, Agrical Pro is not toxic to bees. 
Intended for purely mechanical use, it must be used in a strictly preventive manner, coating the fruit or plant of interest before the presence of the targeted pest. Applied as a wettable powder using spray equipment, this clay adheres to the outer layer of the plant. After application and drying, Argical Pro creates a white and inert protective layer on the surface of fruits and vegetation. This layer will disrupt the visual and olfactory recognition of the plant by the insects, turning them away from the treated plant. This layer also acts as a natural barrier that prevents female insects from laying their eggs.

Efficient sunburn protection

Sun damage and temperature spikes can spoil up to 40% of fruit crops such as apples, grapes, pears, olives or plums. Argical Pro offers an easy-to-use, safe and organic way to protect crops from UV rays and heat stress while still ripening in the orchard or on the vine. By creating a physical barrier between the sun’s rays and the treated plant, Argical Pro reflects part of the light energy transmitted by the sun’s rays without affecting photosynthesis.

Argical Pro is an environmentally friendly mineral solution that should be used preventively, before the arrival of insects and the laying of eggs and should be maintained during this period. Once applied to the vegetation, it will dry out and develop a characteristic white color which gives it the desired properties. The application must be renewed as soon as the protective layer is altered or in case of quick growth to protect young shoots.

Key benefits

  • Reduces surface temperatures
  • Lowers sunburn by up to 60%
  • Is an environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic chemicals and water sprays
  • Prevents black spot and apple scab
  • Is easy to disperse
  • Demonstrates good covering and homogenisation power
  • Does not affect coloring
  • Prevents moisture loss, meaning bigger fruits
  • Won’t wash off during watering
  • Doesn’t leave deposits after washing
  • Is non abrasive and won’t cause wear on washing water recovery systems

All our crop protection grades are accredited for use in organic farming.

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