Mechanical insecticides

We offer mechanical insecticides made from diatomaceous earth or clay that kill insect pests and mites, improving crop yield and keeping fruit and vegetables pest-free.
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Our minerals for mechanical insecticide solutions

We offer a selection of mechanical insecticide products made from diatomaceous earth or clay designed to provide a physical mode of action against insect pests and mites in crop production.

Dezone™ is a natural and reliable insecticide for crop protection and is a powerful complimentary active ingredient to any integrated pest management program.

Argical™ Pro is a clay with strictly preventive insecticide action against crop pests. It is commonly used in fruit arboriculture, olives and grapes.


How does it work?

Controlling insect pests and mites improves crop yield and keeps fruit and vegetable prices at stable levels in grocery stores. Without effective control of insect pests, overall food production could decline and result in supply shortages.

The physical properties of Dezone are ideal for control of insect pests and mites when applied as a wettable powder using standard application equipment. Once dry, a visible white residue can be seen on the crop and plant surfaces. When a crawling or flying insect pest or mite makes contact, the result is a static transfer of a few particles of Dezone, which absorbs the protective lipid layer necessary for insect pests or mites survival. Insect pests and mites will not become immune to the physical mode of action.

Dezone provides a physical, non-chemical mode of action that should deter cross-chemical resistance development. It has more than 150 insect pests and mites listed on the label.

Dezone features

  • Alternate, physical mode of action (Insecticide Resistance Action Committee GROUP UNM)
  • Comparable efficacy to most organic and conventional pesticides when used as a stand alone or in tank mix treatments
  • Zero Restricted Entry Intervals (REI is the minimum amount of time that must pass between the time a pesticide was applied to a crop and the time that people can go into that area without protective clothing and equipment
  • Zero Post Harvest Intervals (PHI is the wait time between a pesticide application and when a crop can be harvested)
  • High potential for absorption from epicuticle lipid layer
  • Non toxic to bees (Median Lethal Dose is considered  >25μg a.i./bee when administered by direct topical application, 25μg a.i./bee is > than the typical dose applied)