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Moler is a unique mixture of diatom shells and smectite clay used as an absorption agent in an unlimited array of applications ranging from cat litter to soil amendment to steel making.



World’s leading supplier of moler-based solutions worldwide
Moler is 2 parts diatomite and 1 part clay
Moler contains over 100 different diatom species


Moler is rock comprising a unique combination of diatoms and clay, deposited 54 million years ago off the northwestern coast of Denmark and now located on the islands of Fur, Mors and Nordsalling. It typically comprises two-thirds diatom algae shells and one-third smectite clay. Typical moler contains over hundred different diatoms, which are essentially round, triangular and ball shaped. This natural product has the unique ability to absorb, retain and insulate many liquids, but especially oils and chemicals. It is perfect for use as an absorbent for treating spillages.

Due to its highly porous structure and the swelling properties of smectite, moler is capable of absorbing liquids like a dry sponge and is an excellent insulating material.  This lightweight, heat resistant material is used in a wide variety of industries including industrial spill and emissions control, water filtration, agriculture, horticulture, cat litter, steelmaking and construction.

Our Moler quarry in Mors (Denmark)
Excavator in our Moler quarry in Mors (Denmark)
Moler is a mixture of montmorillonite clay and diatomite with the chemical formula of montmorillonite being (Na,Ca)0,3(Al,Mg)2Si4O10(OH)2•n (H2O)


  • High absorbency
  • Insulation
  • Heat resistance
  • Lightweight
Moler in crushed form


Imerys operates moler deposits on the islands of Fur, Mors and Nordsalling in Denmark. 

Harnessing the intrinsic properties of moler, we serve the industrial absorbents, horticulture, animal welfare, construction, steelmaking and cat litter markets.


Imerys’ moler are highly effective industrial absorption agents for protecting the environment in the event of oil and fuel spills and acid and chemical leakages. They are effective solutions for water filtration and deflourination as well as emissions purification and odor control. 

Used in animal feed, Imerys molers are effective anti-caking and flow agents that improve pellet stability as well as carriers for vitamins, acids, fats and premixes. 

At the farm, they make excellent liquid and odor absorbents for animal bedding and litter, and effective manure binders. Imerys calcined molers are tried-and-tested solutions for lightweight cat litter

Used in horticulture, Imerys moler solutions optimize plant growth conditions in hydro culture, compost and earth mixtures. They are first-rate soil additives for green roof and golf-course soil toppings. 

In the construction sector, Imerys molers are prized ingredients in insulating bricks and cement.

Absorbent cat litter made with moler

Absorbent cat litter made with moler

Imerys will continue to focus its innovation efforts on providing customers with superior moler-based solutions that contribute to pressing issues such as cleaning the environment and animal welfare.


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