MULCOA is the recognized global benchmark in alumino-silicate calcined products for the refractory industry.

The global benchmark in alumino-silicate calcines

So well known in the world of refractory alumino-silicate calcines that its name has become the reference in the industry, MULCOA materials are a mainstay of refractory production, wherever volume stability, resistance to carbon monoxide attack and all-around performance are required. 

We are the world’s leading producer of calcined products for the refractory industry and our iconic brand, MULCOA, is recognized as the global benchmark in this field. It has been produced for over 50 years using a unique process that ensures homogenous mixing and consistent mineralogy, providing the quality you can depend on from our facility in Andersonville, Georgia, USA.

MULCOA’s high mullite content and product uniformity create the best refractory aggregate to meet the exacting quality demands of the modern refractory industry. Our MULCOA refractory calcines are made from the highest purity ore deposits mined from the South Georgia kaolin belt in the USA, and blended to obtain chemistries between 45 and 70% alumina. This transformation of clay into mullite generates a structure that gives the product the required characteristics for refractory applications.

MULCOA in 3 sizes

Key benefits

Good creep resistance
Low thermal conductivity
Excellent thermal stability
Good thermal shock resistance
Resistance to most chemical attacks
Oxidation resistance
Abrasion resistance
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