Shaped products & bricks

Discover our range of options for the production of pressed shapes & bricks.
A close image of shaped products

Resistant and ready-to-use refractory solutions for shaped products and bricks

We provide a range of products ideal for the production of shaped products and bricks produced by traditional hydraulic pressing techniques. 

The production of shaped materials requires consistency of density, particle size, chemistry and volume expansion/stability to ensure correct volumetric control during the drying and firing process. Our products have a proven track record for customers in both the production and final applications.

Whether it is targeting superior Refractoriness Under Load (RUL) and Creep resistance (CIC)  for regenerators, blast furnace stoves or anode baking furnaces with DAMREC™ Andalusite or MULCOA® Calcines or the chemical resistance and abrasion resistance necessary in steel making & other non-ferrous metal contact applications with ALODUR® Aluminas and ZIONIC™ Zirconias we have the right material for acidic and neutral applications.