CLAYRACᵀᴹ for refractories

CLAYRAC is specifically designed for the production of highly refractory and creep resistant ceramic moulds for investment casting and is valued for its dimensional accuracy and reliable particle size distribution (PSD) and mineralogy.
A cover image fo the Clayrac product range

A tough chamotte for high refractoriness and high accuracy

Our CLAYRAC product range is specifically designed for the production of ceramic moulds for investment casting, where it can be used as stucco or flour in either alcohol or water-based processes. This standard chamotte is produced by calcination in a rotary kiln of kaolinitic clay from the Charentes Basin in southwestern France and also in our plant in Vatutine, Ukraine. 

CLAYRAC is formed from the weathering and transportation by water of parent rocks which are deposited in ancient river basins from where it is now extracted. Our product range includes raw clays, shredded clays or dried and milled clays with alumina contents varying from 38 to 45%. 

We recommend CLAYRAC for moulds that require high refractoriness and creep resistance, such as in the casting of steel and titanium alloys. It is suitable for alcohol and water-based binders and valued for its dimensional accuracy and reliable PSD and mineralogy. It can be used as a binder refractory brick production or an additive to improve plastic behaviour during installation.

Clayrac F45 P200

Key benefits

Suitable for alcohol and water based binders
Dimensional accuracy
Reliable PSD and mineralogy
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