ZIONICᵀᴹ for refractories

ZIONIC fused zirconia products are valued by the refractory sector and ideally suited for hot metal applications.

ZIONIC for refractories

A new product in our range, ZIONIC fused zirconia is a very hard material with a high refractive index that is chemically stable at high temperatures, oxide ion-conductive and abrasion and corrosion-resistant. 

These properties make it highly valuable for the refractory industry. Its very high strength at room temperature, makes ZIONIC a very useful high-temperature construction material for furnaces and kilns. With a much lower thermal conductivity than most other refractories, it is also a perfect high temperature insulating refractory. Its low wettability, high-temperature stability and corrosion resistance also make ZIONIC an ideal refractory material for glass furnaces.

Key benefits

Very high melting point
Chemical stability at high temperature
Abrasion and corrosion resistant
A high refractive index
Oxide ion-conductive
Low wettability
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