Bringing together our global assets of zirconia-based products, ZIONIC represents our range of Fused & Chemical Zirconia grades produced across Europe, the USA and China. Fused Zirconia, monoclinic and calcium stabilised are widely used in refractory applications requiring the ultimate in performance, particularly flow control systems.


ZIONIC  a synthetic mineral derived from zircon sand, found in sedimentary deposits of heavy mineral sand, formed as the result of the alteration of granitic or alkaline rocks. Fused zirconia is produced from the carbothermal reduction of zircon sand which is heated in an electric arc furnace at temperatures exceeding 2600°C. Once cooled, the resulting coarse granular material is crushed and sized to meet the required specifications. Chemical zirconia, on the other hand, is produced through the chemical reaction of caustic soda with zircon sand, followed by various chemical processes.

ZIONIC is a very hard material with an extremely high melting point. It has a high refractive index, is chemically stable at high temperatures, oxide ion-conductive, abrasion and corrosion-resistant. These properties make it highly valuable in a broad range of industries and applications such as advanced ceramicsrefractoriesinvestment casting, electronics, nuclear fuel rods, brake pads, catalysts and catalytic converters, intermediaries for octoates in paint dryers, cross-linkers in the paper industry and many more. 

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