ZIONIC™ for investment casting

ZIONIC fused and chemical zirconia are ultra-robust products of high value for a broad range of industries and applications such as investment casting.

(Photo credit: Akrapovič d.d.)
Ceramics shell

Extreme resistance and versatility for investment casters

ZIONIC is a new name for our wide range of fused and chemical zirconia materials.  While these fused grades are ideally suited for a wide range of applications, they stand out when used in investment casting applications.  
Our ZIONIC products are an impressive combination of thermal & abrasion resistance and chemical stability, characterized by a dense microstructure, well-defined particle size distribution, and clean surface area. This makes them ideally suitable for investment casting because of their low wettability, high temperature stability and corrosion resistance.
We source our high purity input materials globally so as to ensure that we always manufacture products of exacting quality and chemistry to meet a wide range of customers needs. Our powders are made by an advanced electrofusion process followed by precision milling and sizing, ensuring that they are homogeneous in their chemical composition, phase composition and particle size distribution.

Key benefits

Very high melting point
Chemical stability at high temperature
Abrasion and corrosion resistant
High refractive index
Oxide ion-conductive
Low wettability