ALODUR® for refractories

The highest grades of synthetic materials designed for refractory & high temperature applications. ALODUR® products are the most thermally stable and physically resistant aggregates and fillers for use in the most arduous conditions in high temperature processing.
A cover image for the Alodur for refractories and investment casting product range

Ultra temperature resistant high-grade products

Fusion processing of minerals for refractory and other high-temperature processes is really only the first step in the production of the quality range of ALODUR products. By controlling cooling and the crushing & sizing processes we are able to create unique crystal structures across a range of chemistries to meet the wide needs of the industry. 

  • White Fused Alumina 
  • Brown Fused Alumina 
  • Fused Alumina Zirconia
  • Fused Zirconia Mullite 
  • White Fused Mullite
  • Bubble Alumina 

Whether used in aggregate or powder form, this range of products serves a huge variety of applications and is particularly well suited to the demanding needs of the iron & steel, petrochemical and non-ferrous industries. With products found to be particularly well adapted to investment casting for steel alloys of all types.

An image of the Alodur WRG IC ESR

Key benefits

High degree of shock resistance and chemical corrosion
Very thermally and chemically stable
Physically resistant
Extreme toughness
High melting point
Excellent thermal expansion
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