Electrical porcelain

We offer a range of solutions with highly consistent properties for low to ultra-high voltage porcelain insulators for AC and DC currents.
Electrical porcelain cover image

Perfect porcelain insulators and better yields

Our mineral additives are of very high and consistent quality, meaning you can maintain steady, high yields during the production of insulators. 

We have a range of engineered mineral and prepared body solutions* dedicated to the needs of the electrical porcelain industry. Our solutions are developed to provide high yields during the production of insulators and ensure excellent in-service performance. 

Imerys mineral solutions confer a number of unique properties to electrical porcelains:

  • Very high consistency
  • Very high levels of workability and mechanical strength
  • High alumina content
  • Low iron and carbon contents

* Prepared bodies are only available in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.