Chamotte for ceramics

Our chamotte will reduce shrinkage, deformation and cracking in fine fireclay for large and complex sanitaryware pieces.

Cut the cracks

Fine fireclay sanitaryware production has been developing over the last decade, enabling the production of large and complex formats thanks to the dimensional stability fine fireclay offers during the firing process. 

Fine fireclay makes a superior alternative to vitreous china for the manufacture of more sophisticated, innovative pieces such as large shower trays and washbasins. 

With the addition of chamotte the shrinkage and deformation can be reduced during the drying and firing process. Thus the production of large-sized, complex shape products is facilitated.

Chamotte is calcined clay containing a high proportion of alumina. It is produced by firing selected fire clays in a rotary kiln to temperatures between 1400°C and 1600°C, before grinding and screening to specific particle sizes. 

When added to clay it acts like a skeleton during the firing stage, enabling the production of large sanitaryware with enhanced mechanical properties and crack-resistance. For fine fireclay and design-driven sanitaryware, adding chamotte will also reduce dusting and health and safety issues.  

Imerys has been producing calcined clays for refractories and ceramics applications for decades. Our chamotte product range benefits the high-quality standard applied to our calcined products, particularly in terms of physical properties like particle size distribution, thermal expansion and performance required in a fine fire clay formula. These high quality standards are valued by customers seeking to increase fine fire clay body performance.

Imerys has also developed specific know-how and processes resulting in a dedicated range of calcined clay products. This product range addresses the specific requirements of the production of the fire clay, fine fire clay, super fine fire clay and thin/strong ceramic formulas.

Imerys chamottes offer the following properties:

  • Controlled particle size distribution
  • High density suspension
  • High fluidity and controlled thixotropy
  • Good casting rate/baroid permeability
  • Higher mechanical strength by improving the packing of the body
  • Thermal stability during firing and reduced moisture expansion -  essential to better control the post-firing expansion
  • Minimal cristobalite to avoid dusting, cracking and health and safety issues
  • Low magnetic content

We mine and process chamotte in France, USФ and Ukraine. We can formulate it in custom-made batches to suit your exact requirements, or deliver it as pellets or in milled form. From its local operations located near Cairo - Egypt, Imerys’ team has access to all calcined clays produced by the Group and has been able to develop bespoke products to serve the local and surrounding sanitaryware producers in the Middle East and North Africa.

To find out how chamotte could help your production of complex sanitaryware, download a datasheet or brochure, or get in touch to speak to one of our experienced ceramics experts.

Imerys chamotte main products

  • Molochite 200
  • Molochite 120
  • SMD - 0-0.32
  • EPU - 0-0.2
  • EPU - 0-0.3
  • Mulcoa 47
  • Mulcoa 60
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