Tiles & large surfaces

Manufacturers of tiles and large surfaces can benefit from a wide selection of mineral solutions to improve whiteness, plasticity and mechanical properties.
Tiles and large surfaces

Natural minerals for incredible results

Whether used for floors and walls in a bathroom, as countertop and furniture in a kitchen or as external facades, ceramic tiles and large surfaces offer endless possibilities. 

Improving dimension stability, aesthetics, weight and traffic resistance are Imerys main objectives when coming to tiles and large surfaces challenges and performances.

Ceramic tiles and large surfaces producers around the world are more demanding when it comes to glazes and engobes as well as super white bodies for tiles and large slabs. 

Imerys has a variety of consistent, blended minerals that will improve the properties of super white, glazed and unglazed porcelain tiles and monoporosa, including also large surface formats and thin tiles.

With a strategic presence and strong industrial, logistics and technical teams in Asia, Europe and the Americas, Imerys has the resources to serve tiles and large surfaces customers anywhere in the world. 

Our raw material solutions provide:

  • Reduction of pinholes, black specks and impurities
  • High level of whiteness after firing, plasticity and specific rheology
  • solutions for large slab and thin formats

Our tile glaze and engobe products guarantee surface quality in terms of:

  • Whiteness
  • Gloss
  • Smoothness

Our mineral range consists of: