We’re the world’s leading supplier of raw mineral solutions, prepared bodies and kiln furniture for the sanitaryware industry, delivering improved performance for your products and greater productivity to your business.

Improve yields, performance and provide greater design flexibility

With a strategic presence in Asia, Europe and the Americas, Imerys has the resources to serve sanitaryware customers anywhere in the world. Our raw material solutions and prepared bodies deliver improved performance with the ultimate aim of helping our customers achieve higher yields and more creative designs.

Imerys has the largest offer on the market for sanitaryware bodies and glazes: high-quality ball clays - including English references, a benchmark for sanitaryware production, extra white kaolins, a range of chamotte, feldspars, wollastonite and talcs*.

We can help you get the mix of minerals just right for your specific needs, and to lower production costs and speed up processes using our natural minerals. Talk to our ceramics team today to discuss the options.

*Talc products are not available in the USA and Canada. Contact us for an alternative range.