We have a wide selection of easy-to-use, cost effective mineral formulations to improve the quality of all types of tableware.

White, translucent tableware – the natural way 

From mineral solutions to prepared bodies and glazes, Imerys is a leading partner for tableware manufacturers.

The right product for the right process

Tableware manufacturers benefit from our unique product range of high quality ball clays, feldspars, halloysite, kaolins, pegmatites, pressing bodies and transparent glazes. 

Imerys minerals are known for their unparalleled consistency, providing outstanding mechanical strength and plasticity. Their very low levels of iron oxide and titania also provide exceptional whiteness and translucency.

Our mineral solutions are widely used in high quality whitewares including porcelain, bone china, hotelware, earthenware, stoneware and technical ceramics.

With deposits in many countries, Imerys is able to provide specially engineered solutions to optimize the performance of tableware bodies during the challenging stages of forming, drying and firing for isostatic pressing, casting, jiggering and 3D Printing. 

Imerys tailor-made offerings include:

• high quality products

• laboratories dedicated to tableware formulation and certifications

• state of the art technical service, including demo lab for 3D Printing

• on-site production support