Sanitaryware troubleshooting

Manufacturers of sanitaryware can draw on the expertise of our ceramics teams to troubleshoot processes, reduce defects and optimize output.
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Reduce defects and wastage with our troubleshooting services  

If you’re encountering issues with slip preparation, casting, drying / inspection, glaze preparation, firing or glaze defects, we have the ceramics expertise to help you overcome these challenges and reduce costs.

Slip preparation

We can support you in overcoming challenges with slip preparation, including: 

  • Difficult blunging of clays or too high residue
  • Problems adjusting density or rheology
  • Too low density or too high viscosity
  • Too high thixotropy
  • Aging


Contact us for support with the following issues: 

  • Low casting rate / low thickness
  • Drainage
  • De-molding
  • Air bubbles
  • Casting cords, stains, slip meet
  • Lack of plasticity
  • Too high shrinkage in the mold

Drying / Inspection

Drying is usually the stage where most rejects are generated, especially because of drying cracks. The root causes often stem from defects at the casting stage that were not seen during the finishing step, for example, cracks in hollow parts of products or joint parts.

Too fast drying, uneven atmosphere (temperature or moisture), careless storage are also potential causes of drying cracks.

Sanitaryware drying 

From a raw materials point of view, the use of minerals confers good particle packing able to absorb or prevent the generation of cracks leading to a significant improvement in yield.

Handling between the de-molding and kiln phase applies stress on the pieces. Using higher plasticity clays is sometimes needed to increase the strength of the body. See lack of plasticity under casting above.

Glase preparation / Glazing

We can help you tackle glaze preparation and glazing issues, including:

  • Sedimentation of the glaze
  • Wavy or undulating surface
  • Powdering
  • Cracks, detachment
  • Excessive drying time
  • Settling

Glaze defects

Glaze defects can also cause major headaches for sanitaryware producers. Our teams are skilled at troubleshooting solutions to issues such as: 

  • Crawling
  • Pinholes
  • Crazing and shivering or peeling of FFC
  • Black spots / Stains
  • Popping / Chipping


Many of the defects found during sorting after firing are generated at previous stages of the process: casting, drying and glazing. Our experts can help reduce: 

  • Firing cracks
  • Creeping (deformation or pyroplasticity)