Fundamental training for kiln furniture

We offer training courses for technical experts, non-technical staff and newcomers, to help them get the best results from kiln furniture.

Drive expertise throughout your organization

We offer a training programme that dives into all aspects of kiln furniture. 

Target audiences:

  • Technical employees from production, maintenance, design office, etc. to increase their knowledge of kiln furniture types and designs
  • Newcomers to have an introduction to kiln furniture
  • Non-technical employees (purchasing, marketing, sales, supply chain, etc.) to learn more about product types and their function

The training programme takes place over three hours, covering the definition and scope of kiln furniture, the main types of products involved, their designation and different use cases. We also discuss the different production processes and properties of each kind of material, as well as market trends, new technologies and innovations in kiln furniture.

Get in touch with our ceramics experts to see the range of training options available for your industry.