ALODUR® for advanced ceramics

Our flagship ALODUR brand of fused alumina offers a whole host of types and grades, such as our 99% White Fused Alumina product, to suit a wide range of applications.
Alodur ZWSK grains

ALODUR fused alumina for advanced ceramic applications

Alumina and advanced ceramics go hand in hand. As the most widely used material in many ceramic applications, either in a pure form or in alumina containing material, it can be supplied in a range of purities, with additives if required, designed to enhance properties. Many ceramic processing methods can be applied, such as net shape forming or machining to produce a wide variety of shapes and sizes of components. It can also be joined to metals or other ceramics by metalizing or brazing.
Under our flagship ALODUR brand of fused alumina, we offer a variety of grades and sizes, such as our 99% White fused alumina, to suit a wide range of applications. It is ideal for injection moulding, extrusion or slip casting and features an overall high product consistency including carefully controlled particle size distributions.
Fused aluminum oxides are synthetic hard minerals based on α - aluminum oxide. They are produced in electric arc furnaces by electrofusion at temperatures around 2000°C.

Key benefits

  • High thermal stability
  • Chemical stability
  • High resistance to mechanical wear
  • Low thermal conductivity at high temperatures
  • High density and low porosity
  • High reduction resistance (including CO-resistance)
  • Low electric conductivity at high temperatures
  • Low thermal expansion coefficient, and therefore high thermal shock resistance
  • High abrasion and corrosion resistance
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