Thermal spray coatings

Raw materials for use in many thermal spray processes, including plasma spray and other applications.
Thermal spray coatings

Thermal spray coatings for gas turbines and beyond

What do “thermal spray coatings” and “zirconia” have in common? Most people will rightfully say gas turbines for power generation or aviation. So would we, but we’d also add that our raw materials are also used in many other related thermal spray processes and applications. One example is atmospheric plasma spray, which does have its main use in gas turbines or aviation engines, but also in sputtering targets, conveying rollers, kiln furniture, fuel cell and diverse industrial machinery parts. Another is Suspension Plasma Spray (SPS), fine particle plasma spray, used in aviation engines, and Aerosol Deposition (AD), which are growing applications where fused and crushed powders show several benefits.

When thinking about electrical insulating, wear and chemical resistant coatings, we also provide alumina powders that are used in the automotive, aerospace and chemical industries. When it comes to thermal spray coatings, our in-house expertise is leveraged to think and deal with factors such as customized chemistries, purity levels and particle size distributions in order to deliver the right product for each and every application.

Our main raw materials for thermal spray coatings are supplied from our plant in Germany. Most common are ZIONIC™ zirconia and ALODUR® alumina. Based on our integration and the vast fusion & sizing technologies, it is possible for us to follow most customer wishes.