Sensors & energy converters

Our wide range of specialized raw materials for sensors and energy converters are used in ion conductors, piezo-electric or ceramic capacitors and energy storage devices.
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Ensuring dielectric and ionic conductivity for sensors and energy converters 

Sensors and energy converters are present in many markets and industries. Our wide range of specialized raw materials for this application are used in ion conductors in solid oxide cells or gas sensors for the energyautomotive or industrial markets, piezo-electric or ceramic capacitors in electronics industry and batteries or other energy storage devices. 

Our material solutions ensure that finished products have the desired and required dielectric and ionic conductivity characteristics. 

In our current and future development we address the need of further performance optimization as well as cost reduction needs. We are driven by the opportunities and insight that exploring and utilizing our technologies and materials together with our customers brings. Our main raw materials for sensors & energy converters are largely supplied from our plants in Germany and China. Most commonly supplied are ZIONIC™ Zirconia, ALODUR® Alumina and Calcined Alumina EVTs. They are fused and crushed as well as calcined powders, and some are made via a chemical process. Our fused zirconia products are partially and fully stabilized and feature a range of micron and sub-micron powders. Their low surface area makes them preferred for injection molding and tape casting.