TECO-SIL® for investment casting

TECO-SIL products are fused silica grains and powders for use in investment casting applications.

High purity fused silica for investment casting

Our TECO-SIL fused silica products are specially engineered grains and powders designed for use in investment casting applications. This is due to their high volume stability, extremely low thermal expansion coefficient, high purity, consistent chemistry and carefully controlled particle size distribution that make them extremely useful and versatile in extremely high-temperature applications. The low thermal expansion coefficient, specifically, reduces sedimentation in the slurry tank, which is why it is widely used in the investment casting process to achieve high volume stability and easy shell removal.

We produce our TECO-SIL products at our fusion and processing facility in Greeneville, Tennessee, USA, using the highest purity quartz sand to electrically fuse it into the glass, or fused silica.

Key benefits

  • Outstanding and consistent chemistry, (minimal impurities, resulting in excellent hot strength)
  • Excellent volume stability, resulting in near net shape castings
  • Low thermal conductivity, yielding an insulative mold/controlled cooling
  • Extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Virtually zero crystalline silica content
  • Carefully controlled particle size distribution
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