Construction plastics

Whether you’re looking for increased durability, mechanical performance and recyclability, or weight reductions – we have minerals designed for your industry.
Worker installing new vinyl tile floor

Mineral-based products to enhance your construction applications

Cost-effective and sustainable, minerals can add value to your plastic compounds while decreasing your overall emissions levels. 

Whether you’re making roofing films, flooring and vinyl tiles, geothermal pipes, insulation foam or wood-plastic composites, we have products made from calcium carbonate, wollastonite, perlite, mica, kaolin, and talc*.

Use our ranges to improve film quality, breathability, mechanical properties, scratch and wear resistance, and a host of other aspects in your plastics

What’s more, because our minerals are natural, they can help to reduce your carbon imprint by replacing more environmentally damaging materials, such as glass fiber. This should also help keep costs under control. 

In summary: