Timrex® C-Therm™

This graphite-based additive imparts superior thermal conductivity to plastic polymers – ideal for lightweighting and miniaturization.

Cost-effective thermal control

Plastics are increasingly replacing metal parts in the drive for lightweighting, miniaturization and the need for greater power density in electrical drives. This means you need effective and cost-efficient ways to increase thermal conductivity in plastic parts.

Our Timrex® C-Therm graphite is an excellent additive for boosting thermal conductivity while maintaining a good balance of mechanical performance and processability.

Made from high aspect ratio grades of graphite, Timrex® C-Therm graphite is engineered specifically to be effective at low loadings. This means it can enable weight savings and a lower overall environmental impact of the final product.

In-plane thermal conductivity - PA6 composites
Through-plane thermal conductivity - PA6 composites

You can use Timrex® C-Therm with other fiber-reinforced materials if you need to enhance mechanical properties, and it’s simple to use in both in-plane and in-through injection-molded parts.

Talk to our plastic teams about the right formulation of Timrex® C-Therm to help you achieve the results you need.

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