Thermally conductive plastics

If you’re working with polymer compounds, you need high thermal conductivity while controlling costs – and we have the mineral solution for you.
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The heat is on             

We work with some of the most renowned producers of high-performance plastics, rubbers and paints to help them achieve additional thermal properties and results from their products. 

Adding graphite to polymer compounds is an excellent cost-effective way to boost thermal conductivity while maintaining a good balance of mechanical performance and processability.

The use of polymers to achieve thermal conductivity offers substantial advantages compared to metal-based technologies in terms of weight reduction, corrosion resistance, design flexibility and cost. 

Our graphite powders and cokes are optimal solutions in applications like heat exchangers, heat sinks, seals and gaskets, friction parts, gas barrier membranes and self-lubricating seals.

Automotive thermal management applications include headlamp heat-sinks, battery pack temperature regulation and thermal interface materials such as greases, adhesives and sealants. Thermal management is also crucial in household appliance polymers.

Specific graphite grades increase thermal conductivity in specific directions and different graphites give different anisotropy. 

We tailor solutions to enable customers to achieve the properties they are looking for, including:

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